Optimum Hair/Nail Revive

Optimum Hair/Nail Revive features ch-OSA® (choline-stabilized Srthosilicic Acid) a clinically tested product to naturally supports the nourishment of your body’s beauty proteins by activating the enzymes used by collagen-generating cells. This patented choline-stabilization technology prevents polymers from forming and ensures the optimal absorption of OSA (Arthosilicic Acid). Combined with biotin, Optimum Hair/Nail Revive offers even greater support for healthy bone mineral density, bone flexibility, stronger nails, increased hair thickness, and may even help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Optimum ALA (Slow Release)

Optimum ALA is a multi-functional antioxidant that helps to maintain healthy, well-functioning cells throughout the entire body. Designed to destroy free radicals in both the lipid-based and water-based portions of cells, Optimum ALA is truly an ideal whole-body antioxidant. This breakthrough supplement also helps the body synthesize its own powerful detoxifier, glutathione. Optimum ALA also supports the “recharging” of other essential antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E, and CoQ10, boosting their ability to continue fighting free radicals for longer periods of time. Biotin is included in this formulation to support the function of alpha-lipoic acid in regulating glucose metabolism.

Opti-Hist - Seasonal

Opti-Hist (Allergy Formula) is a broad-spectrum, powerful supplement aimed at providing support and protection against seasonal environmental challenges. Designed to utilize all-natural Nettle Extract to help control histamine levels‚ and the plant extracts, Bromelain, and Quercetin for mucus viscosity support, Opti-Hist also includes a synergistic blend of Zinc, Vitamin C, and D3 to help boost your body's immune response. Finally, the powerful antioxidant, N-Acetyl- Cysteine or NAC provides you protection from free radicals and supports the production of glutathione.

Opti-Fiber Powder (Unflavored)

Opti-Fiber Powder is a unique and powerful product containing 12 different types of fiber while also removing harsh, irritating components usually found in other fibers. That means it won't disrupt your digestive system like other products on the market. Intentionally designed to align with principles of the Paleolithic diet, Opti-Fiber Powder may also be helpful with weight management, lipid metabolism, and maintaining healthy glucose levels.

Opti-Fiber Capsule

Opti-Fiber Capsule containins a balanced ratio of soluble to insoluble natural fibers to maintain bowel regularity and help with occasional constipation. Psyllium husk, the primary ingredient in Opti-Fiber Casule's formula, is one of the most widely used fibers found in natural bulk laxatives. In addition to psyllium, Fiber Plus This potent formula also includes flax seed, rice bran for blood sugar support, and an additional soluble fiber called pectin. Becasue 15-20% of the US population is affected by occassional constipation, fig fruit and prune are also included because they contain natural compounds which act as mild colonic stimulants. Constiption can be caused by many factors including dehydration, stress, diet, or other lifestyle choices. In western diets, the low presence of fiber combined with the prevalence of carbohydrates and refined sugars has been linked to altered colonic environments and slowed bowel transit times. Dietary fibers and supplements like Opti-Fiber Capsule support smooth bowel movements and help prevent occassional constipation.


Opti-Digest is a full-spectrum enzyme strategically designed to support each phase of digestion. Incomplete digestion of food proteins can produce bloating and gas, inconsistent bowel movements, cramping, and food allergies. Poor digestion of food may also cause fermentation in the gut and can lead to an imbalance of “bad” bacteria at the expense of “good” intestinal bacteria. Better digestion minimizes this risk, allowing for the complete breakdown of food proteins which helps support proper breakdown and absorption and regular bowel movements. Opti-Digest's unique blend of high-powered enzymes works to enhance digestion and ensure maximum nutrient intake for a healthier gut and a healthier you.

Opti-Biotic 22

OptiBiotic 22 is a uniquely formulated probiotic designed to deliver seven proven, active probiotic strains. These strains were chosen for their ability to adhere to the intestinal tract while surviving the GI environment. for superior results. Our GI tracts are finely balanced environments containing approximately 500 different strains of bacteria that compete for space and nutrients. When there is a healthy balance of these bacteria (eubiosis), we experience few symptoms, if any. But when this environment experiences an overabundance of potentially harmful bacteria (dysbiosis) can occur and is associated with disease and discomfort. OptiBiotic 22 utilizes advanced encapsulation technology, known as BioShield® to preserve the probiotic organisms for targeted release and optimal benefits.

Opti-Biotic 100

OptiBiotic100 is a high-dose, potent probiotic that delivers 100 billion active cultures for those suffering gastrointestinal and immune distress. Our GI tracts are finely balanced environments containing approximately 500 different strains of bacteria that compete for space and nutrients. When there is a healthy balance of these bacteria (eubiosis), we experience few symptoms, if any. But when this environment experiences an overabundance of potentially harmful bacteria (dysbiosis) can occur and is associated with disease and discomfort. OptiBiotic 100 goes above and beyond traditional low-dose probiotics by also utilizing BioShield® technology. This advanced encapsulation technology preserves probiotic organisms, so they are released on target for maximum benefit. Each OptiBiotic 100 capsule provides six proven probiotic strains selected for their ability to survive the harsh GI environment to deliver superior results. OptiBiotic 100 can help support healthy digestion and absorption, enhance immune system function, and maintain overall gastrointestinal health.

Milk Thistle Boost

OTS's Milk Thistle Boost is a potent milk thistle supplement standardized to 80% silymarin. Traditionally used for detoxifying the liver, milk thistle is an herb that works by promoting the flow of bile and supporting the health and function of liver cells. The addition of sunflower lecithin provides enhanced liver absorption and additional lipotropic liver support to aid liver protection from the normal effects of oxidative stress and toxins.

Methyl-B-12 5,000mcg SL

Methyl B-12 5,000mcg offers high-dose vitamin B12 in delicious, berry-flavored lozenges. 5,000 mcg of Methylcobalamin, which is the activated form of vitamin B12, is in each lozenge for enhanced bioavailability. This dissolvable lozenge delivery format was designed to support superior nutrient absorption through the mucous membranes and is perfect for those with digestive issues.

MemoREvive (Brain Support)

MemoREvive is designed to support cognitive function and a healthy memory using a unique formula of botanicals and nutrients. MemoREvive includes carefully selected B vitamins, Quatrefolic® (a patented form of 5-MTHF), Bacopa Monnieri, and Gingko Biloba. Also included in the formulation are nutrients that support antioxidant activity and brain support nutrients such as acetyl-L-carnitine and sunflower-derived phosphatidylserine.

Melatonin 6 MG (Slow Release)

Melatonin 6 MG (Slow Release) delivers a potent 6mg of melatonin in a sustained-release tablet. Melatonin is naturally secreted by the pineal gland and is crucial for regulating our sleep and daily rhythm. Various factors such as aging, low serotonin levels, dietary decisions, and certain medications can contribute to low melatonin levels in the body. With its sustained-release formula, Melatonin 6 MG (slow-release) may be a more appropriate formula for those who experience difficulty staying asleep throughout the night